Employee Engagement and Why is It Important for Your Company?

The successful functioning of an organization depends on its employees. So, it is important that being an employer you should know and take care of the following factors so that your employees do not leave your company stranded, only to join your competitor.


What is employee engagement?

We actively participate in those activities that we enjoy. Employee engagement is referred to that active participation of the employees in the job they do.
That sense of personal achievement in an employee not only when he/she succeeds in an individual project, but also when the organization flourishes is what employee engagement is.
It’s like an animal lover who would love to take care of your pet/s voluntarily in exchange for returns. And you, as an employer, should imbibe and inspire that engagement in them.


Why should you be concerned about employee engagement?

It is because employee engagement and productivity are directly proportional to each other.
The more an employee will take their work seriously and will be happy with the work environment and experience, the more he/she will contribute and strive for excellence.


How can you make sure your employees do not leave your company?

Financial growth and skill experimentation can be the basic reasons for which an employee joins a company. But, he/she may also leave the company because of:
  1. Monotonous workflow
  2. Toxic work environment
  3. The boss is not good
  4. The pay is not up to the mark
  5. Promises regarding growth are not met
  6. Rigid micromanagement
  7. Other better prospects and opportunities
In order to ensure employee engagement in your organization:
  1. Let them know the vision of the company and its reach.
  2. Upgrade or change your managerial skills if required.
  3. Deliver the expected and deserved growth.
  4. Get rid of the boredom. Identify individual strengths and provide them with new challenges.
  5. Empathize and listen to them and what they have to say.
  6. Acknowledge their hard work or provide constructive criticism to make them better.
  7. Provide them with recreation opportunities.
  8. Keep a tap on what your competitors are doing. You can view anonymous company reviews on Glassdoor.

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