How Wrong Ideas Can Lead to Good Decisions

Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq, the Sultan of Delhi in the 1300s, had brilliant ideas. But none of them worked because he neither consulted anyone before implementing them nor try to make any amendments later. We do not always get the expected result from what we consider as our best ideas. So, why not consider the bad or wrong ideas?

Let’s see how bad ideas in marketing lead to good decisions.

The Idea

An idea cannot be categorized as good or bad. It is: how you apply the idea, when you apply it and with what purpose you apply it. The result of which, ultimately, makes you think that the idea was good or bad.

Take Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq or Looney Tunes’ hunter, Elmer, for example. The illusion of perfection of their individual ideas had blinded them (the former, to makes changes in the empire, and the latter, to catch the clever Bugs Bunny). That was their tragic mistake.

Mistakes are common. We all make mistakes. But our customers are like the Pagan Gods — merciless. So, we have to identify the part of the idea causing the problem, analyze them and think of ways to solve them as fast as we can. This makes us wise.


Take Inspiration from the Ocean

Water has a peculiar way of returning things or sinking things that we once have tossed inside it (provided the level of buoyancy). From ships to dead bodies, the ocean eternally refuses to take crap from us one way or the other.

Be like the ocean. Throw away the problem-causing features from your plan and try to improve them. It is important, because, a wrong strategy in marketing leads to bad reputation of the brand. And if there is nothing much to be done about it, sink it into the abyss.

After the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 8, it was heard that there was problem with its battery making it explode or catch fire. Even airlines restricted passengers to carry them during flights.

But that did not refrain the company from re-making the phone again. The same Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is now available in the market with more advanced features and zero fire concerns.     


The Birth of Phoenix

Phoenix is the Greek mythological bird that burns in its own flame and then rises from the ashes. It is the symbol of rebirth.

We cannot learn about ourselves, the market and the consumers if we do not have bad ideas. Ideas going wrong help us to learn. They are the fires in which we have to burn ourselves to transform into a phoenix.

The more you have to think and research to solve your problem, the more good decisions you will be able to take.

Consumers and Antlers

Consumers are like a group of antlers. They are swift in changing their choices. And they are unpredictable.

You can understand a consumer’s psyche when you apply bad ideas. You will know what they want from your product and how they want it and then channelize the improvements wisely.

Furthermore, you will understand the value of proper timing in marketing. Timing is everything. Just like Jordon Belfort says: the best way to sell a product is to create urgency for it.

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