Top 5 Websites For Finding The Best Internships In 2020

With advanced industries coming up every year, their demand for a skilled workforce is also increasing. Companies have started focusing on hiring candidates with prior internship experience. An internship can give you firsthand exposure to working in the real world. The difficulty comes with finding the right one which is aligned with your career choices. It gives you the perfect opportunity to put your theoretical knowledge to practical use in the best way possible. If you’re planning to work right after graduation or want to utilize the holiday season most productively – we highly recommend taking up an internship to add value to your knowledge and enhance your skills for a better future. Hence, we have found the best 5 websites for finding an ideal internship for you, explore and apply now:

Let’s understand what makes them stand out:

best websites for interns

1. Internshala 

Internshala recognizes the importance of practical skills in the real world hence they want to equip every student with maximum practical exposure. Their goal is to provide a pool of opportunities in the form of online training courses and internships to prepare students for real work experience. They’ve got the most top-notch companies under their radar, so upload your resume. Score that dream job right after college by interning with the best while studying, begin your search at Internshala now.


Types Of Internships Available: Work From Home, Campus Ambassador Programs, Full-time, Part-time, Internships For Women, Internships With Job Offer

2. Lets Intern 

With 4 million students on board, Letintern is one of reliable platforms to find meaningful internships opportunities by firms of all scales. They have over 30,000 organizations onboard offerings all forms of internships helping students intern while studying to build a smarter future.


Types Of Internships Available: Summer internships, Part-time & Full-time internships, Brand Ambassador Program, Pocket Money Internship, Fresher Job, etc.

3. Hello Intern

It’s an initiative by Angaros Group – incubated at IIT Bombay by 4 students with an aim to bring the concept of internships into the limelight for students to become leaders of tomorrow. Their goal is to provide individuals with internships which foster their growth and development with the changing dynamics of different industries. They also offer a “Global Internship Program” to apply to top international companies and get mentored by their experts.


hello intern

Types Of Internships Available: Full-time, Part-time, & Virtual internships

4. MakeIntern 

MakeIntern provides top internship opportunities and professional courses to students who are ambitious to make a cut in this competitive world. Their E-Learning courses are not just for students but also for people looking for a job change in their career. They strictly believe that “Real growth comes from real experience” – and we couldn’t agree more. Their aim is to motivate the youth of the country to challenge their preconceived limits by developing their potential to the fullest in order to become real leaders.


make intern



Types Of Internships Available: Office, Virtual And Campus Internships

5. Twenty19 

The name “Twenty19” symbolizes college students in their late teens and early twenties who are enthusiastic about grasping knowledge and valuable experience. Their website is a result of understanding and evaluating the needs of the student community. Hence, they came up with a platform which helps each one of them to not only find an ideal internship but also enhance their practical skills and network through top college events and workshops


twenty 19


Types Of Internships Available: Virtual, Part-Time, Full-Time Internships

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