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5 Internship Lessons From The Movie – The Intern!

Ben: “You’re never wrong to do the right thing”.
Jules: Who said that, you?
Ben: Yeah. But I’m pretty sure Mark Twain said it first.

This scene from the 2015 comedy-drama The Intern is still etched in our minds. The movie presented so many lessons for the interns who are exploring something new.

Here are 5 key learnings, we took away from the movie:

Don’t be afraid to try!

If Ben would have thought that an internship at this age, with young people in a Startup, is not something he could do, he would never have got the chance to experience this entirely different chapter of his life.

Improve but don’t succumb!

Everyone around him dressed in casual clothes and used lingos, he wasn’t familiar with. But neither did he change the way he dressed, nor the principles he believed in.

Don’t wait, find opportunities!

He was initially not given much attention or work by his mentor. But that didn’t keep him from finding ways to get involved and make his internship period worthy of his learnings.

No work is small!

Ben was a 70-year-old man but felt no shame in clearing a messy desk or driving around his boss. Of course, that’s not what is expected from an intern but try not to say no to small tasks.

Inspire and get inspired!

Being an intern doesn’t mean they will be looked down upon by full-time employees. Companies hire interns to get a fresh perspective, so use this time to learn new things and also share your knowledge and opinion.

Hope these help all the interns in creating a great internship experience for themselves.

Happy learning!

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