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5 Reasons Why Holiday Season Is A Powerful Time For Recruitment

Companies often stop their hiring process during December as the majority of them have exhausted their budgets. We need to realize giving up on this season isn’t the best choice either. You will be surprised to know that it’s one of the best time to work on your recruitment strategy and attract the best talent as well. Following a pattern just because other companies fail to recruit smartly is equal to turning a blind eye to potential candidates.

1. Competitors Are On Hold

Majority of big corporate firms freeze their hiring process during the holiday season due to lack of budget, time and manpower. This is exactly the time you take advantage of the same by being a smart recruiter by reaching out to prospective job aspirants. With fewer recruiters seeking out for candidates, this gives you great visibility as compared to other companies.

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2. Prospects Are Highly Active On Social Media

Social media engagement is at its peak during the holiday season. Utilise this to your advantage by posting job opportunities on the top social media platforms. You can also attract your prospects by promoting your company’s culture on these platforms. It’s also a great employer branding strategy  to attract potential candidates through a medium they explore the most.

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3. Fall Semester Graduates Become Easy Targets

A great majority of college students graduate at the end of the fall semester – use this as an opportunity to tap on the best talent. Students who are fresh out of universities are more determined and eager to step in the real-work to put their knowledge to use. It also becomes easier to contact and conduct one-on-one interviews as they are on a break. You can also take help from HR companies to help you target these students.


4. Best Time To Fill In Delivery/Customer Service Employees

Delivery and customer-facing employees pay no heed to the holiday season as they are working throughout December. Take advantage of this situation to recruit them during this period as they will be up to grab such an opportunity.

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5. Best Time To Stay Ahead Of Schedule

We encourage not to give up on the holiday season rather use this slack period to work on your recruitment strategies. Get your talent pool in place by getting resumes out early as not everybody celebrates the same holiday. Identify the issues encountered last year and review them well to come up with a solid hiring plan to stay ahead in the game.


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