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Switching Your Job? Refer To These 6 Sites For Company Reviews For Better Decision-Making

Gone are the days when we used to depend on “word of mouth” to understand a company’s culture, brand and employee benefits. With multiple company review websites coming up each year, it has become easier for candidates to scan information related to their future employer in terms of salaries, job openings, feedback from current and former employees, interview questions and so on. If you’re planning to switch your job  or applying for jobs for the very first time – we highly recommend referring to these top 6 websites for company reviews to make a wise decision.

1. Glassdoor

With a database of over 600,000 companies worldwide, Glassdoor offers comprehensive company reviews and ratings of your potential employer. They do an excellent job not only by providing reviews but also granting access to information related to job openings, salaries, interview questions, benefits, photo gallery and approval ratings. Here’s your best chance to do your research in and out before it’s too late.


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2. Indeed

Another trusted source to know more about your future employer is “Indeed” – it gives candidates free access to job listings, posting resumes and research companies regarding their salaries, interview questions, feedback and more. Along with job reviews, users can also check out the ranking of any company based on work-life balance, salary, job security, management and culture. Utilise the website to know exactly what you’re getting into before you apply anywhere.


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3. Ambitionbox

With a mission to help people research and prepare for job interviews, Ambitionbox lets users read company reviews and ratings shared by employees (both current and former) of all the companies across varied industries. The reviews can help you understand in-depth about the work culture, ambiance, workdays, timings and more.
It allows you to gather insightful information about companies through filters like Company Overview, Interview Questions and Company Salaries.


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4. Great Place To Work 

Here’s a great platform to make a well-informed career decision – “Great Place To Work” offers a collective rating of all current employees’ feedback based on different surveys. You’ve got to go through their annual research-based lists of Best Workplaces to find the perfect fit for yourself. They also provide company data in the form of employee testimonials, best practices carried in the organization, career opportunities, compensation programs, company awards and more.


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5. Google

Going through company reviews given by past and present employers on Google Search, Google Maps and Google+ – can actually help you understand the dynamics of a company. Search for the potential company you are considering to apply for and read up a few reviews for a better understanding. More than a website, we would consider this as a useful source to do background checks through organic feedback.


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6. Career Bliss

Career Bliss is helping over 2 million job seekers every month to find the right fit company by making a more educated decision through 20 Lakh+ reviews. You can also search and compare average salaries by job title, company name and annual CTC. Get access to information related to a company’s mission, vision, reviews, products, services and more. If you happen to stumble on a good company, use the opportunity to apply for a job through their “Cultural Job Search Engine”


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