Management Lessons From Walter White Of Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad was a show that defined quality television content. But the way a high school chemistry teacher turned into drug kingpin Heisenberg, also provides a pathway for many a management personnel to transform their own functioning.

1.Create a unique product

No one in the meth market could compete against Walter White’s blue meth. It guaranteed a 99% purity and contained no added flavours.

2. Be mysterious

Walter’s brother in law, Hank Schrader, was the DEA agent-in-charge of finding him. But Walter was able to throw everyone off track with his Heisenberg persona. He never showed his own face but let Jessie be the front man whenever dealing with the police authorities.

3. Think big

When Jessie Pinkman asked Walter if he was in the meth business or money business, Walter coolly replied he was in the “Empire Business.” Though he had no experience and sometimes even doubted himself, Walter never let his negative emotions get in the way of his ambitions.

4. Care for your employees, even if you don’t

Walter really cared for Jessie, or so he made him believe. When Jessie was getting high with his girlfriend Jane Margolis, Walter silently watched her choke to death. When Jessie sided with Gus and Mike, Walter went to the extent of poisoning his girlfriend’s son Brock. But throughout, Walter made Jessie feel Walter was on his side.

5. Create downstream and upstream infrastructure

When Walter became a more public persona with his Heisenberg alter-ego and packed off Gus Fring, he became more territorial. He hired employees to distribute his goods and even robbed a train to get his raw material methylamine.

6. Be deceptively humble

Though there was ample evidence against Walter (like his association with Jessie, his naked escapade and his “gambling addiction”), Walter was never caught. This when the lead investigator was his own brother in law. Walter was able to get away due to how innocent and naive he made himself look.

7. Be irreplaceable

Despite irritating competitors and putting many of his employers in danger, none wanted to eliminate Walter. He was the best cook in town and his command over chemistry made him integral to their plans.

Well, Walter might have met his end, but till the time you are not involved in illegal activities, you can apply these lessons and prosper.

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