Narendra Modi and How He Inspires the Leader in Everyone of Us

Let’s face it, you have to put up with a lot of shit if you have to reach the top and hold on to your position up above, because: 1. Other competitors would try to pull you down, and, 2. There will be haters all around. And when you are the Prime Minister of India, this deal gets real. Narendra Modi, once an ordinary man chaiwala at the bus terminal of Vadnagar in Gujarat is now the prime minister of India. So, was this his fate that one day miraculously made him the PM of the country or was it the workings of a shrewd mind? Whatever the answer may be, our Narendra Modi ji is a leader and here are 10 major leadership qualities that we can adopt from him:

  1. Win the crowd: Narendra Modi knows how to win the crowd. He knows the pulse of the janta. During the Bihar elections, he knew the weak points of the state. So, his speech was basically a slowly churned cocktail of developmental plans, empathy, encouragement, fellow feeling and nationalism – something that leaders should do to know his / her target audience.
  2. Networking: The one very prominent aspect of the Modi government is global networking. From Trump to Putin, there is no big-shot political personality that he has not had coffee with. People criticize him that he does not provide much attention to his own country but the amount of defense and economic support, educational and employment opportunities India will be receiving worldwide due to these meetings should also be taken into account. Haters will be haters.
  3. Choose Wisely: Strategizing is one of PM Narendra Modi’s key strengths and we got to know about it when he wisely chose his cabinet ministers – the innermost and crucial circle that will revolve around him.
  4. Spread the word: In spite of being low-key Narendra Modi maintains an excellent PR team that spreads the word far and wide, after his ideas have been implemented.    
  5. Going Digital: In the era of digitization where people are more engaged on Facebook and apps than on television, Narendra Modi took the initiative to launch his own app. His user-friendly app not only incorporates features that provide ongoing news and updates of the party and the government but also features the PM’s show ‘Mann Ki Baat’, his blogs and a forum where everyone can share their views and ideas.
  6. Managing Responsibilities: Being a leader requires a lot of work. It does not mean that you only sit back and fan your superiority, it means you are Spiderman. And with more power comes more responsibility. Mr. Narendra Modi is very well aware of this fact and he is proved his excellence in prioritizing and managing all his responsibilities.
  7. Stay Low-key and Never stop: If you have a plan in mind, execute it. If you have been successful previously, control your pride, move forward and never brag your grand plans out loud. It is the sole mantra of our PM Narendra Modi. He is a smooth workaholic who never stops.
  8.  Saying Yes to Criticism: On being criticized for his silence on the Kathua Rape Case, Narendra Modi portrayed humility and wisdom to the T. Instead of being a megalomaniac, he said that it was good to be criticized for there is always room for improvement.
  9. Keep Calm and Move On: On the face of crisis, you will never find our dear prime minister lose his cool. After he became the prime minister of India, a case was filed against him for his involvement in the 2002 Gujarat riots for which an investigation by a Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigation Team. And that is a lot of pressure. Thankfully, no evidence could be found.
  10. Aiming for the top and General Know-How: Let’s go back to the time when Narendra Modi was a young man. After rejecting an arranged marriage and going about the country twice, he came back to Gujarat and joined the RSS, full time (the party he was introduced to at 8).  From there he meandered his way to becoming the general secretary of the BJP party and later the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

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