If you don’t, will you give your leaves to a colleague?

A feed in need is a friend indeed. Does this idiom extend to work friends or simply a colleague who might need help? And does this mean that you would be willing to donate leaves to help out a colleague?

It is true that not all of the work force uses all their leaves and does promotes organizational citizenship behavior. If you work for 9 plus hours with a person you are bound to form bonds and friendships, and this way, you get to help a colleague in whatever way you can.

In one of the most interesting policies that a company floated, Accenture, in its work policy has started the precedent of leave donation. It is a popular concept in the west, but had not made its way to India as of yet.

There are multiple companies that have started leave donation in various forms. Apollo Munich has leave banks where employees can donate leaves and employees that need extra leaves can avail them. The policy leaves us with an interesting question, does it work? And if it does, should other Indian companies follow suit?

Do you have any unused leaves after the year ends and do you wish to help a colleague? IF yes, maybe you should talk to your company’s HR and see if leave donation could be an option?

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