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Top 5 Employee Engagement Ideas For Remote Workers

There are days when remote workers don’t feel like working. Even the simplest task starts feeling monotonic and boring. But, as an employer, you have to get the work done on time. However, the performance and productivity must not be at the cost of employees’ mental health.

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Then, how as an employer one can ensure that their employees are engaged with the work and driven to perform?

Here are five employee engagement ideas for remote workers that will help you keep your employees engaged:

Virtual snack time

Breaks are a must for creativity inflow. Even if your employees are working remotely they too deserve a small break that can revive their energies.

But, how can you make these breaks more interesting?

You can get your employees on board on a video conference and share the break once a day. This will help your employees connect with each other on a personal level and know their work circle better.

It is a proven fact that humans feel more secure when they feel that they belong to space. Similarly, employees feel more connected with their work and workmates when they interact out of their profession as a person.

Employee Engagement Ideas For Remote Workers

Share your interests

As discussed above, belonging to the workspace matters. So, what you could do apart from snacking in your free time? Share your interests!

It might not seem professional, but sharing your interests and experiences that led you to grow as a person will help you build a bond of trust and reliability between both parties.

Share your journey, struggle and even failures! Tell your employees that how these disappointments and failures shaped you to do better and help you reach where you are today.

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Conduct virtual meetings with the founder(s)

Think you are an employee of your company, wouldn’t you like to know about the founders of your organization?

Founders are the face of their organization. They are the prime representatives of the company and thus the leaders in command. Conducting a face to face virtual sessions with them, where they impart a heartwarming message and motivation to their employees will make them feel welcomed.

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Train your new employees online

Today competition is tough all around. Whether it is a company competing for its status quo or an employee who wants to grow in the profession, everyone wants to become better.

Offering short online training courses to your employees will not only boost the self morale of your remote employees but also establish you as a ‘caring’ leader among your competitors.

Apart from technical training, helping your employees build their soft skills will help them perform better which would add to your company’s profit.

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Recognition is the new appreciation

There are times when your employees won’t be able to perform up to their mark. It could be because of some personal reason they are dealing with. But, as an ideal leader, you need to understand that even after their struggles they tried to put their best at the work.

Thus, you need to be empathetic and need to recognise their work even if it’s not their best performance.

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In conclusion, it’s up to you as an employer to make sure that your employees are engaged with work. The only way to track the effectiveness of these ideas is through trial and error methods.

How to Improve Employee Engagement Ideas

So, if you haven’t tried any of these ideas then this post is a sign to try them now! Side Note: Not everyday is the same. Even after the best of your efforts, there will be some days when employees feel burnout or disengaged. In those difficult times, try to be there for them, be a listener and allow them the time to process their emotions. A little patience goes a long way. 

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