Mistakes to avoid while hiring

Are You Making These 5 Mistakes While Hiring?

A company is successful because of its employees. So, it’s all about who you hire. The employees of your company should be your key assets. Many companies commit mistakes while hiring, if you want your company to flourish, you need to avoid making these mistakes.

Mistake 1. Hiring for the sake of it

Companies hire just because they can. Because they have the money to do so. However, spending money on an employee’s salary is not the only criteria for hiring. Hiring without an available role, without the responsibilities of the employee being set, can be a hassle. To hire properly, assess your current team first, look whether there is a need to expand the team, audit the company, look at how your employees are spending their work hours, see if you can make it more efficient by expansion. Don’t hire a large team of clueless people, it’s a clear path to disaster.

Mistake 2. Not running a background check

Job candidates always look presentable before the employees and generally hide their shady past, if there’s any. It’s essential to run a background check on the candidate and also check their social media to figure out if they are discriminatory. This will help to analyze how they will behave with their co-workers.
You don’t need to disqualify a candidate with a criminal background but you should be aware of it. You also may not want to hire someone convicted of corruption charges but please ensure that they are convicted, not just accused.

Mistake 3. Hiring based on marks and contacts

Marks are not indicative of how good an employee they will be. They might have scored well but that should be the deciding factor. Hiring someone with some work experience (internships count as work experience) will be good for your company. A lot of times, employees with average or low marks become good employees. So, don’t judge them by their marks.

Do not hire a candidate just because a person is a friend of your friend. You will miss out on meritorious employees if you hire them based on contacts. It is a tricky position to be in, but consider thoroughly interviewing them before hiring them.

Mistake 4. Hiring a person for the incorrect role

When you hire an employee without defining the roles properly, hold interviews after interviews and hire them only to leave them helpless because the role is not suited for them. Adding more resources isn’t useful if the resources are not utilized properly. Additionally, it’s unfair to the people you hire.
You should also refrain from hiring a person just because you like their personality. You should look at how they benefit the company, not because they are a potential friend.

Mistake 5. Not hiring when it is needed

Don’t hold on to an employee even when the employee is not doing well. You can be empathetic, you can understand their struggle, do your best to help them out. If they continue to underperform after help then it’s time to let them go. It is a hard decision to make, maybe you can refer them to a company that will suit their skill. The longer the retention period the worse it is for the company. It’s not good for your company. Sometimes, we become enablers of under-qualified employees. It’s important to hire when it is needed.

Every employee of a company dictates the success rate of the said company. The above list highlights the major mistakes made in the hiring process.
It’s important not to hire bad apples in the first place, but you need to handle it properly even if you did hire them.

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