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Create a Strong Presence and Attract the Best Talent with These 5 Employer Branding Hacks

Create a Strong Presence and Attract the Best Talent with These 5 Employer Branding Hacks

You are not the only one weighing candidate proficiency and skills during recruitment. Candidates, too, analyze and compare you as an organization. Apart from the salary offered, the persona and reputation of an organization is a primary concern amongest the millennial workforce. Your company’s expansion, work culture, ethics, environment, values, and literally, everything is thoroughly checked by prospective candidates before they are even interested in applying.  And that’s why employer branding is an effective means for both reputation management as well as to attract the best talents. And, here are 5 ways to improve it:

Maintain transparency: Prominent job search apps and platforms like Glassdoor and LinkedIn have gone way beyond simple job postings. Candidates not only search for better employment opportunities in them but also compare which organization is better to work for. Posts of happy faces and fun engagement activities in the office do grab attention, but it is important that what you show is what you are. Painting a picture of your organization that is in total contrast to what it actually defeats the purpose of employer branding.

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So, it is best to be transparent and humane while initiating employer branding for your organization. Publishing real and candid images, quotes, and stories of employees and team on the website and social media not only boost employer branding transparency but also garner humane qualities. Use social media platforms to also interact with prospective candidates. Answer questions, offer expert advice and ask for opinions.

Authentic leadership: One’s values, experiences, and strengths are reflected in the way they behave and communicate. As a leader, it is your foremost responsibility to be genuine with your employees. Make sure that the efforts you take or the values you list down are what you believe in first. This automatically creates a positive employer branding when employees talk about your organization and you to their peers or on social media. It is because personal testimony is the best form of marketing and branding.

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Behind the scenes: Apart from company achievements and expansion, employer branding is all about what goes on in the backstage. Your employees are the integral component of it whose hard work and expertise help you to not only build your product and service but also market and sell it. Employee reviews are, therefore, a powerful marketing tool that can be used to create a robust employer brand. And a positive review, a happy face and active participation in an organization’s employer branding comes from a positive experience.

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Prioritizing your employees, paying attention to their grievances, and working on improving them is what keeps them satisfied inducing optimum productivity, and positive feedback. The assurance of a safe and flexible work environment, constructive criticism, unbiased appreciation, and acknowledgment, along with, fun employee engagement activities strengthen it.

The Good Tales and The Bad Tales: As an entrepreneur, take the opportunity to share stories of your successes and failures. Candid stories on overcoming challenges in business or learning through failure keep the audience hooked and inspired, while simultaneously attracting prospective candidates. You can even encourage your employees to publish their stories and learning experiences on social media for more traction.      

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Problem Solving,Close up view on hand of business woman stopping falling blocks on table for concept about taking responsibility.

Candidate Experience: Improve the candidate experience to boost employer branding. Create or re-create your website’s career page so that it is easy for prospective candidates to approach and apply for jobs. Make them feel welcome and comfortable when they come for the interview and offer help when they need it. Let them know who they can contact to follow-up post-interview.

Even if a candidate is not hired, it is better to provide them a proper closure via email (even if it is automated) rather than to let them wait. This not only proves you to be courteous but also a sensible recruiter who respects individual time and effort. This, in turn, will increase the chances of employer branding via candidate feedback, whether online or through word of mouth.

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Ideal, safe, and well-established workplaces are what the current workforce looks for during job hunt. Showcasing the culture and success of one’s organization via employer branding is now becoming a growing necessity.

And that’s why you should also start employer branding for your organization today! Let Headsup help you to get the best candidates for your organization not only via recruitment but also online reputation management by exercising excellent employer branding.


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