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20 Signs Your Employer is Looking for Your Replacement

“Your services will not be required anymore” – as elegant and English as it may sound, this statement is stingingly unnerving. It can drop you to an abyss of confusion, fear, and low self-confidence. And, losing belief in oneself is by far the worst thing that can happen to someone. But before you get to hear these cruel words from your manager, you may definitely have got subtle red alerts which you might have ignored. Here, we list down 20 signs that will tell that’s it high time you look for a change before your position undergoes one.

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1.Your Work is Micromanaged: Is your boss or manager suddenly micromanaging your work? Is he looking for details which were deemed unnecessary before or were not mentioned to be put in reports? This is a sure sign that your manager is trying to let you go. As replacing employees is not an easy task and your boss cannot afford to be so arbitrary, he is just trying to find mistakes in your work that he can frame as the reason for your replacement.

2.Mentoring a Junior: Telling you to mentor your subordinate or junior and train them on the exact jobs you solely do can be an indication that you are not needed in an organization. It is just that they are trying to upgrade the skills of the junior so that he/she can take your place as soon as possible.

3.Uninvited in Meetings: You have no idea when your team is having a meeting with the manager. You were not even given an intimation that such a meeting was going to take place.

4.Pulled Out from Projects: This is something very hurtful. You may have important projects streamlined in your calendar but quite abruptly you see that they are getting shifted to other employees. Your co-workers are also at a loss as to why your project is given away to them. And, it hurts even more if the idea of that particular project was yours.

5.Your Manager Ignores You: You see your manager interacting with other employees about work and day-to-day stuff but he somehow ignores you. Previous happy exchanges of good mornings turn to cold shoulders. Your manager starts to talk to your subordinates and gives them work directly.  

6.Bad Performance Reviews: Okay! You may have been working really hard for that appraisal but every time you get a negative performance review. The more you think you are close to an appraisal the farther away it seems. This may also be because you have not been giving your cent percent. If such is the case, see to the matter. Analyze your own quality of work and productivity levels. Do some research on performance levels expected in your job position.

7.Easy Just Got Way Difficult:Previously you may have experienced a smooth flow of work. There were challenges, but they were manageable, and you even got the assistance you required. But, when the same job becomes a complete headache, it is clear that your manager is trying to find ways to get rid of you. Getting more responsibilities may feel like an upgrade, but receiving work with unrealistic deadlines, and facing cut and dried criticism that verges on insults is not an upgrade but the pathway to your downfall.

8.Multiple Warnings: You have received multiple warnings from your manager and/or your boss in words, emails, and during meetings. This may be because your performance is actually lacking somewhere or you are being given warnings after you have been weighed down with excessive work. This is a technique for managers to show other employees that you are not working up to the company’s expectations.  

9.The Cold Shoulder: In meetings, during engagement activities, or even in the elevator, you always receive a cold shoulder from your boss. It is as if he does not know you, and doesn’t even care to say hi. Moreover, your ideas get completely ignored in meetings. Maybe you want to put forward your opinion about something, but your manager cuts your short.

10.You Receive Fewer Projects: You find lesser and lesser projects on your plate. You find the projects that were expected to be given to you are being provided to your subordinates in which it is expected of you to help them out with no credits reserved for you.

11.Perks Start to Vanish: The perks that you may have been enjoying till now are gradually fading away. You are told to sit in the bullpen when you have your cabin, you may be told to travel in the economy class whereas you have always traveled in business class, and your company happily paid for it.

12.Absence of Appreciation: The applause and the appreciation that you received earlier from your manager and/or boss is nowhere to be found. It seems as though you have never contributed anything to the organization and your best efforts have been forgotten.

13.Strange Behavior of Coworkers:Your coworkers seem to be uncannily silent around you, stare at you in confusion, or maybe whispering behind your back. You always find yourself to be the topic of gossip amongest other employees, and they are not so friendly no more.

14.Lack of Feedback: You do not get any feedback from your boss or your managers about your work. It is only during performance appraisals that you are informed that you under performed.

15.Company Budget Issues: Your company may be going through a cash crunch. If you notice that there has been a cut in the organization or your department’s budget, lack of engagement activities that were so prevalent before, and other instances such as these, chances are that your company is going through a financial crisis. It is during these times that you should look for a change.  

16.Hushed about a Merger: Layoffs post a merger is not wholly unpredictable. Employees who are not needed anymore are fired after mergers, and this can even include you.  

17.Mistakes aren’t Always Forgiven: You may have unknowingly committed a terrible mistake that may have incurred a loss, or your boss may have had to go through embarrassment. While some bosses may scold you and let you go, others may want you out of their company. They will make your irresponsibility a reason to oust you from the organization so be very careful.  

18.Limited Data Access: When your boss or manager is planning to replace you, they may limit your access to certain digital data a bit early. You may suddenly find that you cannot access certain systems or your company email id password may just not work.

19.In Denial:At times even after getting viable signs, you may stay in denial mode. You may doubt your intuition and gut feeling, and let the “not feeling right” scenario to a close which brings us to our last point.

20.Never Doubt Your Gut:Just like animals, we humans can also pick up on the danger vibes. So, if you are feeling in your gut that you are about to be replaced, do not waive it off as just insecurity. Trust it, look for clues, and when you find one, start the job hunt.

Your job is your survival, and you are totally capable. If the company you are working for is on a constant pursuit to show that you are not enough, just leave. It is because they are trying to replace you as well, no hard feelings, no offense intended!

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