Struggling to find a job

Struggling to find a job amid the COVID-19 Pandemic? We’ll Help You Out!

Job hunting might appear to be a daunting task during the time of COVID-19 as several organizations have laid off or furloughed employees in triple-digit numbers diminishing the chances of opening any new positions. Organizations are facing a multiple number of challenges related to performance management and appraisals, recruitment, engagement and the list goes on, hence hiring is very subjective for now. They are indeed facing recession but not all industries are going through the same instead some of them are even ramping up their hiring due to an increase in demand. Here are five answers to the questions which will solve all your queries related to how you can secure a job even during pandemic times.

Q. Which industries have been affected due to the Coronavirus outbreak?

A: The magnitude of the impact might be varied but the suffering is real, a wide range of businesses have come to a halt and are suffering relentlessly to keep their finances intact. The sectors facing such crisis include Aviation, Retail, Real Estate, Automobiles, Hospitality, Tourism, and more, they are currently facing a huge blow due to the pandemic. We highly recommend considering industries that are booming in the current scenario such as ed-tech, digital health, and digital content, etc.


businesses impacted due to corona

Q. What do “I” need to be well-prepared in order to secure my dream job?

A: Utilize your time to understand your strengths and weakness and work towards your professional growth to cultivate skills which are needed to cope up with any work environment – be it digital or virtual. Brush that skill which you haven’t worked on in a while or learn a new skill that you’re lacking entirely. You can also register for free online courses at EDx as they offer courses from MIT and Harvard at ZERO cost. Make a checklist and look for free courses online, register, study, and get certified to make your resume stand out. Talking about resumes, you can also draft an error-free resume with Headsup Corporation’s Resume Services. We can help you with templates, identifying gaps, introspective discussions and so much more – Enquire Today. Lastly, we recommend targeting industries that haven’t put their hiring operations on a standstill such as customer service, package handlers, accountants, pharmaceutical, telehealth. You can also opt for freelancing as they high in demand right now.

how to prepare for a job post covid

Q: What is the way forward, Work From Home or Working From Office?

A: 82% of Employees are expected to return to work in 12-18 Months as revealed by Xerox’s Future of Work Survey. Taking the current scenario into consideration, we suggest you should be prepared for both, as the majority of the companies have also reopened their offices for a certain number of staff. Moving forward with this pandemic, organizations are eventually getting comfortable with the idea of including flexible roles to ensure the safety and health of their employees. Hence, be prepared for roles – be it #WorkFromHome or Working from office.

working from home in covid

Q: Where can “I” apply for jobs?

A: Online job portals have always been a constant support system for job aspirants, they have made it easier for candidates to find suitable jobs for themselves while successfully bridging the gap between employers and job seekers. These platforms include LinkedIn, Indeed, Freshersworld, and more. We highly recommend checking out’s Step-Up Initiative (Hyperlink: designed to help job seekers with job opportunities, online courses, career guides, and more.

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Q: What are the key tips to keep in mind while applying for jobs?

A: Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Network as much as possible through online job portals to stay connected with best HR recruiters in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and more cities.

2. Send a personalized cover letter to ensure that your job application stands out

3. Be well-prepared for a virtual interview at all times

4. Remember to follow up after an interview at least once in a week

5. Lastly, ensure that your CV stands out – check our Resume Services to secure your dream job with an ATS Friendly Resume.

tips to find the best job post covid

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