How To Handle Performance Management And Appraisals During COVID-19 Pandemic

How To Handle Performance Management And Appraisals During COVID-19 Pandemic

The Coronavirus outbreak has left the majority of employers confused about how to evaluate performance and manage appraisals during a time when serious economic ripples are affecting the business every moment. While some organizations have decided to freeze pay hikes and cut bonuses, others are still trying their best to keep the morale high of their employees by working hard on new evaluation methods. Here are 5 tips to cope with Performance management and Appraisals  even during a pandemic:

1. Be Proactive & Maintain Transparency

This crisis time has already made employees lose the sense of job security, it’s the duty of the employer to be proactive and maintain transparency in decisions and communication. Inform your employees regarding the current state of finances, sales, and profitability of the business and how it is directly linked to their appraisals. It will help you justify any adjustments/compensations made while keeping your workforce engaged and motivated. Managing employee expectations should always be given a priority when you’re adamant about retaining your top talent.

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2. Don’t Put A Hold On Appraisal Discussions

You can’t afford to lose your top talent at the cost of postponing important discussions. Talk about appraisals and incentives to keep your employees productive and motivated  even during tough times, focus on giving appraisals to high performers instead of instant monetary incentives. Revisit your approach, figure out new methods to reduce costs, and simultaneously learn how to take your team along with you so you can get back in the race stronger than ever.

the current state of finances, sales, and profitability of the business

3. Revise Deliverables

The pandemic has impacted the goals and objectives of every organization. It’s time for managers to redefine goals more focused on the new business environment to help employees’ find the motivation to perform better by resolving new challenges. Set realistic objectives and priorities which are feasible during this crisis time. Address progress and agendas on a daily basis with set protocols for meetings and catch-ups.

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4. Increase Productivity With Digitization

With more than half of your staff working from home, it can get challenging to keep track of performance as they are out of sight. Employers should implement new virtual performance management software so they can track each employees’ progress properly. It will help both the HR and employees to enhance productivity while staying organized.

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5. Recognition and Rewards

Effective recognition can work in wonderful ways to motivate employees to perform better. We see many of them working for longer hours, submitting work before deadlines, guiding colleagues covering the responsibilities of co-workers who fell sick – Don’t miss an opportunity to acknowledge their extra effort. If monetary rewards are a problem then offer public acknowledgment, tokens of appreciation, affordable low-cost perks, and upskilling opportunities.

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