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#HRHumour: 5 Funny Videos Every #HR Professional Can Relate To

2020 has already been too harsh and it’s high time we keep the seriousness aside and end the year on a #Humourous note.

If you are an #HR professional struggling to make ends meet so you can begin the new year happily, here’s a little something to keep you in a HAPPY mood with some light humour. From HR rants to inside jokes, watch these five #funny videos and we’re sure you’ll be able to relate to most of them:

Have a good laugh and thank us later 😀

1. Our personal favorite has surely been MensXp’s rant for all #HR Haters. Don’t miss out on 1:38, we’re sure every HR employee will be able to relate to this one. Hear about every single thing #HR professionals are tired of hearing. Next time somebody cracks an HR joke, just tag them in this blog as smart revenge!

2. It’s true, despite of a being a part of the HR industry, instead of getting offended, we too get swayed away by some of the jokes. A good example would be Angad Singh Ranyal’s stand up comedy video about “HR Department” which also includes some of the funny and cliched responses we receive as recruiters.

3. Another funny video by MensXP summarizes your interview experience for the role of an #HR manager in the most comic way possible. The “Kaun Banega Crorepati” theme makes it all the more humorous. Our favourite question remains, “How should we celebrate Christmas party”?. Have you been asked such stupid questions as well? If yes, then you’ve got to watch this video.

4.You’re going to love this one if you are a Big Bang Theory Fan. Here’s a hilarious video of Sheldon’s experience with the #HR Department regarding his inappropriate comments at the workplace while he reveals the most hysterical office secrets.

5. Lastly, a comical video by The Timeliners to laugh until it hurts. If you are an HR employee, we bet you’ve been asked the most illogical, unreasonable questions of all times while hearing the most absurd statements by other employees who fail to understand your job role. It’s satire and sarcasm which gets to us easily, watch the video now and share it with your colleagues.

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