top 5 companies to work in india

The Five Best Companies to Work at In India

5 Best Company to Work at In India

Working at a 9-5 is no longer a boring proposition that is best moved through quickly with copious amounts of coffee and all the small talk you can muster. With a wave of change across the country with the emergence of a startup culture, working can now be a satisfying experience, and with higher productivity to boot. No wonder, then, that these startups have dominated the recent list of best places to work put out by LinkedIn. We take a look at some of these entries and why they have been listed so high.


  • American app – based cab service provider Uber has cemented its place in the Indian cab industry despite the presence of indigenous brand Ola. And the company is strengthening is presence further with constant hirings. These hirings are especially good news for the employable populace of the country because Uber provides a creative space, powered by motivation, equality and inclusivity. Add to that a well designed wage structure and the MNC charm, and Uber becomes a highly desirable place to work at.



  • One97 Communication’s Paytm has been in the market for a good while now and really hit the high notes since the government’s efforts to digitalize the country. Paytm currently has some of the best workspaces in the country, including offices in every metro city and also Toronto. With their cultural motto of No fear, no greed and no entitlement, Paytm provides a competitive place to develop young, hungry employees into knowledgeable veterans.



  • Oyo, founded in 2012, has developed into India’s largest hotel room aggregator chain, with properties in multiple countries. It was voted as India’s best place to work in 2018, and in 2019, again makes the podium with a third place finish. With a culture embedded in a confident, assertive and professionally polite attitude, Oyo has become synonymous with the perfect place to learn, grow and develop into an expert of whatever field the employee works in, making it one of the most exciting companies to work for.



  • Retail giant Amazon stepped inside the Indian online arena in 2012, and owing to consistency, global trust and huge swathes of funding, has overtaken then- leader Flipkart to become India’s most trusted online retail megastore. Amazon’s fancy buildings and high paying jobs have made working at Amazon an appealing prospect. The company actively promotes work life harmony by encouraging employees to turn off their office emails after work.



  • India’s darling unicorn Flipkart may have been bought out by worldwide giant Wal-Mart, but working at the online retailer has only become even better. Ranked as the best place to work in India in 2019, Flipkart is noted for its openness, with features such as the weekly Flip- out Fridays, where employees can question their leaders with honesty and transparency. Add to that an empowering environment, strong equality initiatives and good pay, and it is no wonder LinkedIn believes it to be the top dog when it comes to employee satisfaction.


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