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Should It Be So Difficult Finding The Right Trainer?


To answer why it shouldn’t be such a tall task to find the right L&D trainer, we must delve deeper into what counts as the right trainer. 

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1. An L&D Trainer Who Can Communicate 

Sounds pretty basic, right? However, it can get challenging to communicate when the onus to upskill an entire organization lies on your shoulders. 

This is why the right L&D trainer must ace effective communication. A trainer should be able to communicate successfully when addressing a large or small group. 

Furthermore, excellent listening skills are also essential to be considered a good trainer. Interacting with trainees, supervisors, and managers, as well as colleagues in the training function, is part of a trainer’s job description. The right trainer will be able to build meaningful connections with a diverse group of people within the company.

2. An L&D Trainer Who Is Adaptable 

What does it mean to be adaptable in this day and age? It is to be proficient in the use of technology as well learning management systems. 

A right L&D trainer must be it. And they should also be willing to unlearn obsolete methods of training. Moreover, keeping up with the current technological advancements, the trainer must also know how to creatively employ it in order to intensify engagement. 

3. An L&D Trainer Who Is Meticulous 

The right L&D trainer should be able to do persistent research on the topics they deliver. Information is malleable and keeps changing as new developments arise. And to facilitate the training programs with accuracy, trainers must keep themselves abreast with these developments. 

Furthermore, by meticulous we can also mean the behavioral aspect of training. Training needs to be delivered with a certain sense of enthusiasm, and consistently so. A good L&D trainer must be willing to learn as willing as they are to teach – for training also means learning. 

4. An L&D Trainer Who Caters To Specific Needs 

Human beings are unique and have distinct needs. While there may be many reasons as to why your organization needs training; there should be a trainer for each of these reasons. 

For example, the training needs of a first-time Manager will be different from those of a senior leader driving the company forward. Then, how can a Leadership Development coach wear the shoes of an Executive coach trained to help the first-time managers? 

It is only when the needs of individuals at different levels of hierarchy are addressed, can the Performance Gap (PG) be bridged and the organization can strive for greater productivity. 

In- Closing

Training is largely triggered when the organization is unable to meet its expected performance. Furthermore, training can be seen as an effective way to upskill or reskill employees. If training is so imperative for growth, why go for the wrong L&D trainer? 

Choose Headsup Corporation’s tailor-made programs and specific experts for each unique need, catering to all your training requirements. From Team Building and Well Being coaches to Executive, Sales, and Emotional Intelligence coaches – we have got you covered! 

Should it be so difficult to find the right L&D trainer? With Headsup, it is just not an issue! 

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