candidate hirings during the covid pandemic

Reimagining Candidate Experience in the Post-Pandemic World

The pandemic has left everyone stranded. Industries are suffering every day and are trying to recover from these stressful times. Millions of people are left jobless and certain industries are struggling to find people to work for them. However, the pandemic has taught us that almost everything can be done at home with a good internet connection. The work from home culture is here to stay, it will be prevalent in the post-pandemic world as well.

Recruitment has gone online too. Virtual career events are a safer way of recruiting people from any part of the world. As people will still be wary of the virus post-pandemic, it is important to continue with these virtual career events and make recruitment a very personal experience.

Here are some tips to make the candidate experience wholesome:

1. Mirror your office space online

You can mirror your office space online to give the event a more human touch. The candidate won’t be intimidated and the interview will be a smooth process.

online interview process

2. Your current employees are your best employer brand ambassadors

You could also get employees of the organization to speak about their experiences and share what they like about working at your organization. The employees can assist the candidates in case of any issues and the candidates will be familiarized with the workplace.

employer branding delhi

3. Flexibility

Work from home has flexible timings so it is important for candidates to have flexible interview hours, the candidates can send in a recorded video according to their preferred timing and you can go through it whenever you want. This way, the candidates will be likely to join your organization as it is flexible. The companies that provide services with best HR recruitment in Delhi also work in this manner.

For virtual career events, ask the candidate if they are facing any problems with regards to the internet, help them out if it’s possible. Accommodate as many candidates as possible, create an interactive roadmap. When candidates are selected, allow them to work from multiple locations so they find it easy to work.

work from home flexibility

4. Share engaging & insightful video recordings

The trend of emails and messages is gone now. It is also time consuming. Other than the candidate recording the video, you as an employer should record an interview as well. Introduce yourself in a friendly yet professional manner, the video doesn’t need to be in a fancy setup, any set up will do. You can ask questions through the video, it will make the interview more engaging.

video interviews

5. The freedom of choice

Give the candidates a choice, the choice to choose the type of interview they prefer. They can choose a video interview according to a time that is convenient to the interviewer and interviewee. When candidates are given a choice, they are likely to go forward and complete all the other steps. These are tough times and it will be tough in a post-pandemic world as well so being empathetic to the candidates is essential.

With all the things going wrong in the pandemic, things went right too. Remote work made the impossible seem possible. The misconception of online platforms not providing a good chance to the candidates has changed. Technology is not removing the human from human resources, it is just assisting HR to build a dream team after a pandemic.

pandemic hirings

Candidates who don’t have the same resources as others can work in organizations of their choice and contribute to the organization. The post-pandemic world has opened up a multitude of opportunities and the experience of candidates will be more engaging in this world. The future is inclusive and accessible. Create a positive atmosphere in the workplace and make it accommodating, keep motivating the candidates, give feedback to candidates, interact as much as possible and make it an enriching experience for the candidate.

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