Hire the Best Talent: You Need These 20 Smart and Innovative Employer Branding Solutions!

There is a myth in hiring workspaces that talent only seeks monetary benefits while looking for a job. The ground reality is realistically miles away from what you have read thus far. Amidst the economic uncertainty of the market, employer branding in HRM tells us a different story altogether. Let’s take the case in hand to understand what we mean. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai recently addressed 170,000 full-time employees, urging them to be a part of the Simplicity Sprint.” The programs focused mainly on the shared goals of the diverse workforce that they wish to achieve by 2023.

Now, the global event gathered publicity like never before as Pichai, Google’s star CEO, asked for all the help he could get. If you paid attention, the whole meeting and the initiative were really private documentation and could’ve been an internal affair.  So, why would a brand as successful as Google go ahead with this? The earnings may have dipped slightly, but Google’s brand image soared high. By doing so, it employed one of the best employer branding solutions that the Alphabet Company could’ve come up with.

best employer branding solutions

But, you don’t have to Google to rank higher as a great workspace.

As we mentioned earlier, the myth of a great workplace does not depend on hefty paychecks or statistics. Today’s workplace is an all-encompassing healthy space whose image and credibility matter for new and old talent looking for a nurturing ground. You can now hire from the golden talent pool without worrying about top-tier competition, thanks to brilliant talent acquisition and employer branding practices.

Cultivating A Brand Through Employer Branding Services

Many urban myths about hiring processes and retaining the best at work exist. Some talk about impeccable advertisements; others focus on the salary and financial aspects of the job offer. But, what truly attracts talent in today’s uncertain times, especially in a post-pandemic world, remains the real question. Today, employer branding strategies and services from the past won’t do. Both the talent as well as your brand need much more than this.

Then, as a brand, what is your role here?

Proactiveness and transparency could be the overarching strategy that comes out in front if we learn from companies like Google, one of the best employers in the world. Judging by the practices and measures taken, it is high time to invest in developing a powerful employer brand in your niche and access the talent pool accordingly. As a proactive company seeking the best talent, you need a rocket booster of an employer branding strategy that touches upon all the aspects such as brand perception, brand outlook, hiring roadmap, talent acquisition, retention, and much more.

But is it all you need?

No, right? 

Take a quick look here at what can be your ticket to the driver’s seat of the hiring arena.

“You need to be aware of what others are doing, applaud their efforts, acknowledge their successes, and encourage them in their pursuits. When we all help one another, everybody wins.”

 — Jim Stovall

20 All-in-One Employer Branding Solutions

We are not being preachy here; the choice is still yours. As a brand, each company has its own employer branding solutions and critical elements that attract the right talent. However, a little nudge from our end won’t hurt. 

You must have one heck of a plan ready by now. But tweaking it and optimizing as per the tried and tested formula wouldn’t cost anything. In fact, with a fresh pool of talent coming around every year, you can use employer branding on campus to get the optimum results. 

Therefore, without further ado, let’s look at the 20 amazing employer branding practices you need to start seeking in 2022.

1. Look for Entrepreneurial Skills

A hired talent is not just a human resource. The moment you hire talent, they become the poster child for all the others who wish to seek similar positions. As a result, having entrepreneurial skills as a prerequisite can help you sort through the pool of talent and find the best-suited one. 

If done properly, it is one of the best talent acquisition and employer branding processes you would see in the market. These entrepreneurial abilities in question foster creativity and paves the way for business expansion and competition. 

2. Skill Development is Important

Skill development programs are one great way to boost your brand value. The multifaceted nature of employer branding solutions requires the development of numerous skill sets at once. For instance, you might need to hone your recruits’ business administration skills and improve their risk-taking abilities to be successful entrepreneurs.

employer branding solutions

3. Maintain Your Vibe

The Gen-Z talent pool specifically doesn’t want to be held to the old policies in terms of leaves, matters of work timings, culture, and the overall ambiance of the company. 

Today, the vibe matters. Therefore, it is your responsibility to keep the good vibes up. Research a bit and revise your policies in terms of work-life balance. Make it more relaxed and non-pressurizing for the people who work in your company. Keeping it light also has a positive psychological effect and can help keep morale and productivity high.

4. Employer Value Proposition

What you project as a workplace matters. The same goes for the promise that you make as a brand. Hence, the employer branding value proposition plays a crucial role in deciding whether the talent will be joining your team or not.  The assurance you as an employer give your employees in exchange for their loyalty is also a key aspect of the Employer Value Proposition (EVP). This commitment includes all the perks and rewards workers get from their employers.

What truly attracts talent in today’s uncertain times, especially in a post-pandemic world, remains the real question. Today, employer branding strategies and services from the past won’t do. Both the talent as well as your brand need much more than this.

5. Added Benefits 

In addition to the monetary benefits, there are some additional perks that an employee needs and benefits from. Monetary benefits such as salary, stock options, and bonuses certainly add weight to your offer. But workplace perks, including paid time off, pension benefits, health coverage, maternity and paternity leaves, and employer-sponsored holidays, are also needed. Take good care of these benefits, and you will see how this magnet works.

6. Refining the Talent

Why do you think corporates develop training programs or skill enhancement workshops? Is it merely a catching-up exercise or a well-thought-out agenda? If you ask us, it’s both. Regardless of their workplace, talent always seeks growth and an ever-growing career curve. If this growth feels stunted at your place, the chances of losing out on its potential and the informal publicity go away. A good employer branding practice’s first step would be to curb this drift.

Ensure that your people’s talent always has one thing or another to learn. Have an organized training program, start forums, communicate about all the technology that comes every year, and be a part of the global seminars (we have webinars too!) to keep up with the trend.

7. Promote Healthy Worklife Balance

Post-pandemic workspaces are strikingly different from the workspaces you knew three years back. The long pause and the uncertainty have made us all realize the importance of personal development, boundaries, and a healthy work-life balance. Burnout is not tolerated anymore. As a hiring brand, it becomes important that the talent pool you are targeting knows what you stand for. Marketing yourself as a healthy workspace for today’s talent is very important. And if you stand for this healthy balance, it becomes an effective employer branding strategy.

8. Diversity is a Must

Society has grown tremendously, and we all stand at the gateway to a brave new world. This new world order wouldn’t take a no regarding inclusivity and diversity. So, you might as well cash in on the benefit of the diverse options available. It’s, anyway, a broader talent pool. Do a little research and give equal opportunity to all segments of society. A placement drive is not enough, whether it’s about employer branding services in India or abroad. 

9. Accommodation and Tolerance

Think outside the box. Be accommodating towards all genders, colors, and creeds. While doing so, ensure that inclusivity is the only language your staff speaks. Train your human resource department and develop strict policies to determine that inclusivity is strictly maintained. Talent has no socio-cultural or political orientation when it comes to working, be transparent in letting the world know that.

10. Pay Equality 

We may have been ushered into a new era of healthier metrics for finding the right workplace, but the paycheck still remains important. While it is important that you take good care of other multifaceted factors in the job description, transparency in the pay scale and its criterion is equally important. Buffer’s public relations manager, Hailley Griffis, claims that a big spike in job applications followed the company’s release of its compensation information in its 2022 pay analysis.

11. Transparency

The transparency about the pay scale, rubrics involved in increments, and non-monetary benefits attract talent from all spheres. It is not just about the money but the trust and credibility this information builds towards the brand. Once they know how true the company has been towards the promised grade pay, they remain engaged or motivated to act.

12. Audit Your Brand’s Image

More reputable and transparent brands may have greater employee trust. Newbies may be more inclined to support a brand over rivals if they believe it to be the more trustworthy option in the market. It calls for gaining the respect of customers and rivals via excellence, dependability, and integrity. You can build credibility within your industry with a strong brand image. Here are some ways you can achieve all of this and more regarding hiring and employer branding for talent acquisition:

  • Being truthful with the potential employees
  • Offering expert testimony regarding goods or services
  • Addressing their comments and feedback
  • Resolving concerns promptly
  • Evaluating competing niches and services
  • Becoming an industry thought leader
  • Protecting the data and information of the hired talent
  • Putting the human over the resource 
  • Positioning oneself on social problems

13. Come Up With Better Mental Health Policies

Talent is not just a skilled mind but a healthy mind striving towards personal and professional upliftments. Mental health policies thus become a must in your company’s policy as they lessen the employee’s stress, exclusion morbidity, and premature burnout due to mental health issues. So, while planning to hire the right skill set, mentioning the same and utilizing it to support your brand is a great employer branding strategy. A company must have new and improved human resource management policies about mental health so that it works:

  • To improve knowledge about mental health and healthy work ethics and practices
  • To improve corporate leadership in the field of mental health

14. Authenticity of Data

Having all of the right perks and agendas on your list is well and good. But, ensuring that it reaches the right people can be tricky. We live in a world of virtual hoaxes with so much fraudulent data going around. It is difficult for job seekers to trust a brand merely because they saw the advertisements or heard someone talking about it. Social media is a foolproof way of establishing that.

15. Connectivity 

Having a great virtual presence on legitimized sites like LinkedIn, Insider, Glassdoor, etc is important. Sites like LinkedIn also become a medium for channeling your job search and provides a filter. While sites like Glassdoor rank your presence and give assessed and compared ideas about where you stand in your domain of service. Hence, when an employee sees your presence on these platforms and others, the automated assurance kicks in, and they go ahead with the job application. 

P.S. They are also a great way to market names and get shoutouts from the old employees.

16. Policy Reviews 

Policy review

Policy review may seem like a trivial management team assignment. It may not affect your hiring process and talent retention overtly, but can be a leading factor of loss if neglected. Annual review and revisions regarding workplace policies establish our brand image as an accountable one. It leaves scope for improvement and an open debate on what goes on the floor or not. 

It’s your talent pool, after all!

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