Headsup’s Employee Engagement Took Flight in Goan Air 

When we think about employee engagement, direct and common associations are team lunch or any HR activity within the office premises (mostly quiz). But how far can we push employee engagement activities to really engage employees?

Headsup Corporation has the answer that materialized on July 28, 2019, courtesy to the founder – Mr. Sumit Kumar. And the answer was an all-expense-paid trip to the lush green and the swelling coasts of Goa. In short, a much-needed break for the whole team!

From Monday to Friday for eight hours the whole team works for the development of the brand’s services. And, as a leader, it is important to not only bring out the optimum level of productivity from them but also to notice when they need relief.

And just like a good leader (and, a favorite one too), Mr. Kumar surprised the whole team with this sudden plan of a 3-day respite.

Scootyrides in the rain, forts splashed with huge waves, our address turned to a luxurious stay as we got playful in the pool and got high on the salty sea air. Wondrous and exciting, here’s a sneak-peek into our Goandays.

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