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#HeadsupInterns : Our Culture, Their Testimony!

Headsup Corporation has always believed in fostering a good work environment and working with young and spirited people. Through our internship program, we strongly believe in guiding and nurturing rising talents in the HR industry. Internships at Headsup Corporation are designed to give a learning experience in a professional and engaging environment while also allowing interns to demonstrate their potential and learn about the company. We believe in providing internships where they could learn about the various aspects of Human Resources and work on projects that would provide them with a well-rounded HR background for the future. Recently, Headsup Corporation worked with a talented group of interns and they were elated about the opportunities for personal and professional growth that this internship provided. Here’s what they had to say about working here. 

About Feeling a Valued Member of the Team! 

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Devavrat worked at Headsup Corporation for two months. He spoke about the corporation giving autonomy to interns and how friendly everyone was. The management believes in caring for its employees and the work was intellectually engaging. He got to hone his skills and learn new skills. His superiors were encouraging and he was asked to explore more and make quality improvements. 

About Gaining Career-Long Skills!

Awanya interned at a consultancy firm for the first time and she got to learn about the nitty-gritty of working at a consultancy firm. She found the team to be welcoming and encouraging people to succeed. Her working experience was fun, she discussed her future over zoom calls and learned more than she expected.

About the Work Culture at Headsup!

Riya worked as a consulting intern in Headsup, the internship gave her a chance to add value to a skillset, she got to explore her strengths and work on bettering them. She found the work culture to be accommodative, friendly, and cohesive and was always encouraged to deliver her best and work hard on every task given to her. She appreciated Headsup for trusting the potential and expertise of their interns.

About the Scope of Upskilling! 

Pooja explored the field of Human Resources and Psychology. It was an enriching experience for her and she felt like she could be her free self without the fear of people judging her. Headsup provided her with scope for innovation and there was flexibility. Her development journey was holistic, she got to better her skills and get some assistance in terms of her future prospects and career. She wishes to work again for the corporation if given a chance.

Mahima worked as a Human Resources and mental health intern. She spoke about the supportive work environment and getting to learn new things.

All the interns have talked about the support Headsup Corporation provides and how it gives them the autonomy to do their own thing, trusting them with their potential and giving them ample guidance whenever needed. 

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