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Balancing Personal Relationships and Building A Successful Career in HR: Listen to What HR Advisor Gajalakshmi Bhuvaranjan Has to Say

“I have very good personal relationships with all my team and all HODs with whom we interact to fulfil our roles and responsibilities.”

Headsup recently got to discuss the different aspects of the lives of HR professionals with Gajalakshmi Bhuvaranjan. Gajalakshmi is a nuanced HR professional who has worked with Pioneer Xenergy Pvt Ltd. As our discussion proceeded, she traced her bittersweet journey from an inexperienced HR to a seasoned HR Advisor. She got entry into the world of HR when a fellow HR left abruptly. This opportunity shaped Gajalakshmi’s flourishing career as we know it today.

She learned the job, liked different subsets, and then started working on recruitment, payroll, and employee welfare initiatives. She clearly mentioned that her interactions while doing all of this paved the way for a great HR opportunity. She further discovered her natural talent for working with people.

“HR gives us a chance to work and assist people in meeting specific needs as part of our duties.”

She thanks the efforts of her colleagues and the other professionals who support this journey throughout. However, she also points out the tremendous support she has gotten from her spouse. While discussing this, she also acknowledged the importance of taking some time off when her son was born and making a reentry when the time was right.

She worked in expansive organizations within the Murugappa firms and with excellent learning environments. Today, her work is a benchmark for more employees to come and learn from. She is known to collect a record 200 suggestions monthly, resulting in annual savings of roughly Rs. 80 lacs. That was when people needed help getting 5 suggestions per month before she took charge. My personal commitment, drive, and excellent working relationships with functional leaders enable employees to apply their extensive knowledge in making ideas for improvement and rejections. From 2008 to 2013, she oversaw HR at Pioneer Wincon Ltd. During that time, she made numerous organizational development interventions to give the HR department more credibility.

“In place of only supplying labour, HR now actively adds value to the company. None of the decisions were made without HR’s involvement.”

Gajalakshmi inspires all who want to build a successful career in HR. Her career graph proves that if you have the knack for something, you will achieve greater heights in that field. The only thing that matters is your willpower and the ability to learn, adapt and grow.

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