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Decoding #HumanResources During Crisis Time

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused a drastic transition in the work flow structure of every business across the world. It has tremendously impacted not just business owners but also job seekers and employees. The lack of movement across nations has disturbed the supple chain completely leading to multiple lay-offs, salary cuts, decreased employee productivity and the list goes on. The objective is not go down with the pandemic but rise up stronger and tougher by understanding the HR’s perspective, the right approach to remote jobs, maintaining a rapport virtually while upskilling like a real leader by making the most of this crisis time. We are here to help you as Headsup Corporation team is still going strong.

 Our Founder, Mr.Sumit Kumar recently went LIVE and addressed everybody regarding the current crisis scenario affecting the HR industry, professionals and aspiring candidates. He also answered everybody’s questions and queries related to Human Resources. Here are few glimpses of the webinar so you can pick a tip or two: 


Highlights Of The Webinar:

1. Upskilling in the times of COVID-19 or during any crisis time

2. Approaching a new job or an internship whether part-time or full-time

3. Creating a rapport with your immediate supervisor during an internship or full-time job

4. Undestanding the HR’s perception of the COVID-19 scenario and how they are looking at candidates now

Here are a few resources for additional help related to HR operations:

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3. Download our HR Toolkit for FREE which contains all necessary tools, processes and documents needed to manage and build HR systems in an organization.

4. Business owners don’t put your hiring operations on hold, screen candidates from our database. Click here to access it – Hiring During Criss Time

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