Riya Singh, Employee Relations Specialist

“Be the Voice That Determines the Success”: In Conversation With Riya Singh

In our latest HR Speaks endeavor, we are exploring Riya Singh’s story in HR, her challenges, and her approach. Riya is currently employed as an Employee Relations Specialist at EMR Software Company. She told Headsup about her trajectory and how she navigated her way through the unprecedented times of Covid. 

Speaking about the inception of her journey, Riya said that having lived in an Institution campus, she – 

“ (I) was always in touch with management students and wanted to pursue a learning career where I can be a people person and drive change if need be hence pursuing an MBA in HR and be in HR was my dream.”

The year 2013 marked the completion of her MBA from Jaipur National University, focusing on Human Resource Management and Services. Since starting her career as a Talent Hunt Partner, where she learned about industry requirements and working mechanisms, she has moved into several roles including Human Resources Officer, Human Resources Business Partner, and now Employee Relations Specialist.

According to her, she maintains a proper work-life balance by adhering to “The Eisenhower Matrix,” also known as the Urgent-Important Matrix. Her professional and personal lives are kept separate, and no matter what situation she is in, she is focused on the task at hand. Even though a cup of tea with friends and family might take the edge off after a long day at work, a cup of coffee comes in handy to face the deadlines! 

Regarding her experiences in HR, she states that “there isn’t anything that surprises me anymore”. The roles she has taken on throughout her career add to her personality and have all contributed greatly to her success. 

According to her, as an HR professional, she views all challenges thrown her way as an opportunity to bridge the gap between employees and management. As the HR, she considers herself to be both a parent and a pastor. As she progressed through her career, she developed an eye for detail that helped her achieve the most effective results for any given situation.

In response to a question about how the pandemic affected her. In her words, she tried to stay optimistic about the situation throughout the pandemic. By using her time wisely, she upskilled herself and focused on areas where she felt she was lacking. The fact that she emerged stronger and more resilient from the pandemic is an understatement. Also, she says she became a lot more proactive and solution-oriented in the virtual environment.

Culminating our fruitful conversation with Riya, we asked her to share any experiences that would motivate others. When responding to this, she gave an example of how she had made sure that her employees or even her family and friends did not feel distant and cut off during the outbreak. Whether it was a text or a call, she always started her conversations with positive affirmations and encouraged everyone around her to work on themselves,

Riya rightly ended our conversation on an inspirational note as she said – 

“Be the voice that determines success”.

The experiences Riya shares from her HR career we hope have given you a better understanding of what HR is all about. Keep an eye out for more motivating stories about HR pros who have made their place in HR and are here to stay!

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