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5 Tips To Nail Your Virtual Onboarding Process

It’s true, first impressions can be your last impression or can surely create a lasting impact especially when it comes to employee onboarding. With the pandemic going on, the majority of organizations have shifted to virtual onboarding processes, but the question remains are we doing it right? An effective remote onboarding program can not only help you boost productivity but also increase employee engagement levels which leads to low turn over rates. We are here to help you foster the same with these 5 powerful tips to onboard your employees remotely through a streamlined way:

1. OVERPREPARE is the key

There is a big possibility of missing out on crucial aspects especially when you’re onboarding employees remotely. Create a checklist of things as to how you can make your new hire feel welcomed and READY to take up new responsibilities. Reconsider the whole schedule and prioritize it accordingly for a smooth transition.

virtual onboarding preparation

2. Join hands with Technology

Start with identifying the needs of your new hire to ensure they are equipped with the necessary tools needed to perform his/her job. Introduce them to applications and collaboration tools for familiarity purpose so they can be on the same page. Introduce them to an IT Staff member over a virtual meeting in case they need help with the initial setup of any hardware or software.

employee onboarding

3. Stay updated with your documentation & self-study material

Create digital versions of documents essentials for a new hire – be it contract agreement, employee handbooks, benefit enrollment forms, job-specific processes, procedures, etc. Earlier was all done through hard-copy format, now you’ve got to have digital versions of each form so you can access all critical information needed, electronically. Don’t rely on your in-your-head knowledge especially when your new hire is in another location all together.


4. Communicate & do frequent check-ins

Communication is the need of the hour when it comes to making the new hire feel comfortable. You can also assign a buddy for the new hire, so they can ask questions and clear doubts when you aren’t available. Schedule one-on-one meetings with your remote employee more frequently with a combination of different voices. Introduce them to different teams so he/she will be in touch relevant to her role.

virtual meetings with employees

5. The MOST Critical Point: Introduce Perks, Benefits & Company Culture

While doing frequent check-ins or one-on-one meetings, ensure you’re providing them information about their benefits, perks, and company culture. The objective is to help them feel included and excited about their journey ahead. Company culture does play a crucial role when it comes to staying in an organization.


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