Tips To Maintain Employee Engagement & Productivity With Remote Work

5 Tips To Maintain Employee Engagement & Productivity With Remote Workers

With Coronavirus outbreak, multiple organizations have switched to being 100% remote which makes it even more difficult to maintain employee engagement and productivity. The habit to micromanage processes, managers demand more visibility when it comes to handling their team members remotely. We completely understand the struggle to keep everybody aligned with the goals of the organization without their physical presence. Hence, we have curated 5 crucial tips to handle remote workers efficiently while keeping their engagement and productivity intact:

1. Establish A Schedule For Regular Check-Ins

With remote employees, it’s important to track every activity including check-ins. We highly recommend drafting a schedule for regular check-ins especially if you’re offering flexible working hours. The objective is to keep the workflow going and work closely with the team members even when they are not in the same office. Schedule more calls and video meetings as emails are surely not sufficient to stay aligned with the tasks.

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2. Use Applications For Effective Communication

Apart from having a secured and trusted Wi-Fi network, it’s also essential to keep the communication going as it’s the key to working efficiently. This is exactly where technology plays a part, use apps like Slack, Teams, & Basecamp to communicate through instant messaging and audio/video calling. These apps allow you to share screens, send documents, draft notes and more.

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3.Set Goals For Employee Motivation

Working from home can get demotivating at times, employees acknowledge real-time goals to stay engaged just like every 9-to-5 in-office job. Make it a point to define formal goals both long term and short term, it encourages them to get work done and reflect tremendous growth in their performance.

set goals for employees while at work from home

4. Automate Activity Tracking

Not being physically present with your employees can make tracking tasks difficult, hence we suggest using project management software to keep an eye on on-going and closed tasks. At Headsup Corporation, we use “Zoho Projects” to track every employee’s performance in the most hassle-free way.

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5. Recognize Their Achievement Incentives

As an organization, it’s very important to acknowledge individual or group achievements of your team members as it leads to increased job satisfaction. Not being in an office together shouldn’t be an excuse to ignore their growth. Track their performance consistently and reward them accordingly to keep the motivation going. You can also gamify their tasks to keep them engaged. Keep the HR team in loop to implement employee engagement strategies ¬†which will boost employee productivity to help them fuel success.

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