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5 Tips To Decline A Job Offer Gracefully

Not every job offer will be the perfect fit for you, be it because of the salary, position, or location. We understand you applied for a specific job hoping you’ll get it but at times you might end up with another opportunity at the same time which leaves you in a state of confusion. In such a situation, candidates often struggle with how to turn down a job offer in a polite professional way. It might seem a bit scary but individuals need to understand that candidates decline job offers all the time, all we need to do is be professional about the process so it has no negative impact on your career. Follow these 5 tips to politely turn down a job offer:

1. Don’t Delay The Process

Once you’ve decided to turn down the offer, don’t procrastinate. Let the employer know about the final decision timely but in a friendly manner. Don’t sit on it for a long time as hiring managers would prefer a quick rejection rather than a delayed one as they go back to finding a new suitable candidate. The more you delay, the more it hampers your image in front of an employer. Be prompt about, either call the hiring manager or write a professional email.

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2. Acknowledge The Offer

Even if you’re planning to decline the offer, you don’t want to ruin the chances of being considered for potential future opportunities. Don’t forget to acknowledge the offer and thank the employer for the opportunity even if you refuse to accept the offer. This little gesture always puts you in the good books for a potential networking opportunity. If you’re making a call or writing an email, thank the people you conducted your interview and wish them luck for their future ventures. We need to understand that HR associates spend a great number of hours to attract, shortlist, and interview candidates. Hence, it is very important to acknowledge their effort.


3. Being Diplomatic Is The Key

The idea is to provide a reason but not go into the details about it. Your reason might be related to compensation, alternative job offers, or doubts about working for the respective organization but remember to mention such specific reasons. We recommend sticking to two reasons: Either “I’ve decided to accept a position at another organization” or simply that “the job isn’t the right fit for me”. Be diplomatic, if you have received another offer, then avoid mentioning the details about it.

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4. Utilize The Moment To Network

As discussed in the second pointer, declining an offer doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch with them anymore. Use this opportunity to build your professional network, who knows you might bump into someone at another organization or a business event. Even if you’re keen to work at the company in another capacity, it’s always wise to stay in touch despite declining their job offer. Remember in career planning networking plays a big role.


5. Keep It Concise

We understand that you would want to be polite and keep your tone friendly while declining a job offer but that you need to keep the conversation/email short and sweet. Don’t flaunt your accomplishments or other job offers, stick to the point but in the most polite language.

declining a job offer

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