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Shruti Kher On Taking The Lessons From Sales To HR

Shruti Kher, Assistant Vice President – HR, Urban Company started her career journey with the sales field. The experience of being in a business role helped her shape the understanding of the models, processes, operations and people, that helps her immensely in her present career in HR. Read her story as shared by her:

After my graduation, I started off my career in sales. I got an understanding of the models, processes, operations and people. It was there that I realized my true passion:

To enhance people skills, magnify performance and witness the journey of ongoing development.

It was such a pleasure to see the impact your actions as a nurturer could create. I felt sheer joy when I helped people connect with their own hidden potential and drive them towards success in work or otherwise. Then I went ahead to do my master’s in human resources. I remember so many people asking me about the switch – My answer was simple.

I love sales but being in HR gives me a platform to impact the lives of so many people for good. Even a small step we take has such a domino effect and that is what inspires me each day.

My journey in HR has been experimental across various roles and industries. I have been fortunate to work in manufacturing, FMCG, BFSI, New age start-ups and handle multiple roles like Learning & development, Business partnering, performance & rewards.

Every role taught me something different – Learning is continuous, person must own up his or her development journey, while Manger or HR can enable the environment, but you cannot force it on anyone. For any HR, as they say, it is important to understand the business – I have sold confectionery myself on the streets of north India just to understand the day in the life of my people. We cannot make strategies sitting in a comfortable environment. I still remember how my perspective changed when I spoke to the last person in the value chain. Sometimes I do feel my initial stint in sales helps me visualize what the employees need from the other side of the table – I ask a few questions to myself before any change – Is this too much of framework or theory? Will my people be able to implement it in real life? Will it bring the best out of them? In the end real change and its impact on business is what matters nothing else.

All this has made me more grounded; Sometimes I feel like a marathon runner. Looking back —plenty of opportunities and a great deal of experience to grow personally and professionally.

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