Periodic Table-2.0

Periodic Table 2.0: Apps That Made Work Easy in 2020

In 2020, when the pandemic hit and the world of work went into lockdown mode, several apps came to the rescue. Some helped us collaborate, some helped us stay productive. Some helped us connect regularly through video calls, some helped us manage projects. Some helped us design, some helped us keep a check on our well-being.

Here is a periodic table which includes most of the apps that made work easy in 2020:


Periodic Table-2.0

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Apps Short form Categories
Quip Q Collaboration
SmartSheet Sm Collaboration
Taskade Td Collaboration
Confluence Cn Collaboration
Hive Hi Collaboration
Miro Mr Collaboration
Slack SL Collaboration
Spark S Collaboration
Microsoft Teams MT Collaboration
Mural M Collaboration
Workplace by Facebook W Collaboration
Flock Fl Collaboration
Zoom Z Communication
Google Duo Gd Communication
Blue Jeans B Communication
WebEx Wx Communication
GoToMeeting Gm Communication
Chanty Cy Communication
Airmeet Ae Communication
Cliq Cq Communication
WhatsApp Wp Communication
Glip Gl Communication
Jostle Js Communication
Google Hangout GH Communication
Canva Cv Designing For Internal Communication
Figma Fi Designing For Internal Communication
Adobe XD Ax Designing For Internal Communication
Crello Ce Designing For Internal Communication
Visme Vm Designing For Internal Communication
PicMonkey Pm Designing For Internal Communication
Pixlr Px Designing For Internal Communication
Venngage Vg Designing For Internal Communication
Harvest Hv Expense Management
Fyle Fy Expense Management
Concur Cc Expense Management
Happay Hp Expense Management
Zento Zo Expense Management
QuickBooks Qb Expense Management
Emburse Em Expense Management
Telegram Tg File Sharing
Dropbox Db File Sharing
Google Drive Gr File Sharing
Box Bx File Sharing
Dropbox Do File Sharing
Smash Sh File Sharing
OneDrive Od File Sharing
Spotify Sf Upskilling
LinkedIn Learning Ll Upskilling
Udemy Uy Upskilling
A Cloud Guru Ag Upskilling
Skillshare Sk Upskilling
Pluralsight Ps Upskilling
EdX Ex Upskilling
Simplilearn Sl Upskilling
Udacity Uc Upskilling
Officevibe OV Measuring Employee Engagement
15five Fi Measuring Employee Engagement
TINYPulse Tp Measuring Employee Engagement
CultureMonkey Cm Measuring Employee Engagement
Amber A Measuring Employee Engagement
Xoxoday Xd Measuring Employee Engagement
Impraise IE Measuring Employee Engagement
Kudos K Measuring Employee Engagement JM Online Meeting Scheduling
Calendly Cl Online Meeting Scheduling
Doodle De Online Meeting Scheduling
Timeacle Te Online Meeting Scheduling
Picktime P Online Meeting Scheduling
Appointy Ap Online Meeting Scheduling
Daywise D Productivity
Toggl Track Tt Productivity
Noisli N Productivity
Focus Booster Fb Productivity
Moodnotes Mn Productivity
Clockify C Productivity
Hours Hr Productivity
Wunderlist Wl Productivity
Airtable Ab Productivity
Asana Aa Project Management
Zoho Projects Zp Project Management
Trello To Project Management
Base Camp 3 Bc Project Management
Jira J Project Management
Bitrix24 Bi Project Management
Beeminder Bn Project Management
Wrike Wk Project Management
Notion No Project Management
AnyDesk Ad Screen Sharing
Chrome Remote Desktop Cr Screen Sharing
Team Viewer Tv Screen Sharing
Barco Br Screen Sharing
Screenleap Sp Screen Sharing
Inkwire Iw Screen Sharing
Upscope U Screen Sharing
Evernote En Note Making
Todoist Ti Note Making
Goodnotes 5 Gn Note Making
Google Keep Gk Note Making
Notability No Note Making
Microsoft OneNote Mo Note Making
Typora Ty Note Making
Slite St Note Making
Ulysses Uy Note Making
InShot In Video Making
Biteable Ba Video Making
Magisto Mg Video Making
Animoto Am Video Making
Noisil Ns Wellness
Calm Ca Wellness
Headspace Hs Wellness
HealthifyMe Hm Wellness
Elevate E Wellness
MyFitnessPal Mp Wellness
Mindspace Ms Wellness
The Fuller Life Tfl Wellness
TruWorth Wellness Tw Wellness
Ekincare Ec Wellness
Meditopia Me Wellness
Circle Care CI Wellness

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