Opinionated HR – S1 E1

HR has established itself well in this part of the world. Conceptual foundations for good HR have been laid almost 40 years ago in India. Based on this foundation, Indian organizations have experimented for over three decades with innovative practices with varying degrees of success. Globalization and technological advancements have revalidated HR principles and rejuvenated HRF in the last two decades in a large number of corporations. Professional bodies and academic institutions have contributed immensely in this direction. The seeds sown 40 years ago have taken a long time to mature. Even today business compulsions seem to make HRF operate at lower levels and undertake the urgent and short-term than what is intangible but sustainable in the long-term. The HR transformational leaders in India have shown the way for the future of HR. Some of the innovative CEOs and HR leaders have provided the leadership needed to lift up the function and demonstrated that “people focused” corporations can reach global standards of excellence. Time is ripe now than ever before for HR to contribute to nation building. An HR driven company is a future driven company and an HR-driven manager is a future driven manager. It is time to recognize that HR is business and there is no business without HR.

We at Headsup Believe that conversations are one of the most powerful tools to share, ideate and opinionate any domain.

So, join us as we together go through the exciting journey of Human Resources.

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