Looking for Ways to Get Motivated and Inspired at Work

Looking for Ways to Get Motivated and Inspired at Work? Here’s What You Need to Do!

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”

– Babe Ruth

It goes without saying that the energy when you start a task afresh goes down with time. And if you keep doing the same thing repeatedly at your workplace, because of the sheer mundanity and rigidity of the routine, you will reach a point when you realize your work is pointless. While it is completely okay to get unmotivated and bored, you can’t afford to stay in this slump long. Instead of wallowing in pain and slacking off, you must channel this urge to get out of your current state and get your mojo on.

Getting your inspiration and joy from working back is not an easy feat. But, with some help from our end, you can gradually slide back to your inspired, and enthusiastic self. And, you will learn how to stay motivated at work when you want to quit. Keep reading as we discuss some easy hacks to get your inspiration back.

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5 Easy Hack When You Feel Uninspired at Work

5 Easy Hack When You Feel Uninspired at Work


Hack #1: One Feat at a Time!

Take a Trip Down the Memory Lane!


When tasks are staring you down without structure, it can feel overwhelming and only add to your struggle. Time management is critical in these situations. You have to follow a system where each task has one time assigned.

Take an hour, a day, whatever your work window permits, to devise a plan. For instance, take up one and only one primary task, pair it up with a major one, fix a time for responding to emails, make follow-up calls to clients later that day, etc.

Between these jobs, take some breathers and little breaks to take a walk, hydrate yourself, and just for a change in scenery. All of it in a week or so would show guaranteed results without overwhelming you.

Hack #2: Take a Trip Down the Memory Lane!

Take a Trip Down the Memory Lane!


Your inspiration is not lost or gone. That kindred spirit who started working because they loved their job is hiding somewhere. 

We just need to let that person rest for a while before they can reignite passion and love for their work – before you find meaning and purpose again. 

You can always reflect on your accomplished work or a well-done task to get in touch with that intelligent and motivated part of you. 

We all feel burnt out, tired, and strained owing to our busy work regimen but at the same time, looking back on the real reason why we started can keep us all running. You picked this job and have been doing it because you get a kick out of it. No matter how bored you are or even when your job feels pointless, you still enjoy these little contributions toward your goals for the future.

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Hack #3: Baby Steps

baby steps


Getting inspired after a prolonged slump or burnout is not a one-day feat. To accomplish this more healthily, you need to make a constant effort. But, remember, these efforts are to make you better. Do not go all in at once, as this whole pressure to improve yourself can be daunting too.

Therefore, take baby steps. Make your inner child useful when you don’t know when too do when uninspired at work. Slack off a little but get at least one task done by the time you sign out. Go at a slow pace but attain perfection in whatever minuscule task you are involved in. Slowly, the habit will settle down, and you will learn that working can be fun and liberating if done correctly. 

And, again, remember, baby steps!

Hack #4: Start a Side Hustle 

Start a Side Hustle


Who said workspaces are strictly for work? All work and no play is a thing of the past. Gone are the days when you could only sit in your cubby and cram onto your desk. Today, you can utilize your planned breaks to start something new, something different, something you have been planning to do.

A side hustle is a psychologically proven catalyst for good productivity. Give your mind something else other than the work to fuss over. Relearn how to stay motivated at work when you hate your job. Get in touch with your artist self, build something, read and gain insight on different things. 

There is a whole new world out there that you can explore and learn. And learning can never be a waste of time, especially if you feel relieved and rejuvenated to return to the same old job afterward.

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Hack #5: Tokens of Appreciations

Tokens of Appreciations

Working professionals are funny beings. We ensure that people working under or above us get their fair share of appreciation from the people around us and us. But what about us? Have you ever patted yourself for a job well done? Or even given a small affirmation after a long day at work. 

No, right?

But that’s what we are going to change from now on. Affirmations go a long way. It alleviates anxiety-inducing thoughts, frees us of all the negative ideas, and makes us feel motivated enough to get going. 

Make sure you don’t deny any of this to yourself. Praise your tasks, and thank yourself for all the good ideas and lessons you executed. It may seem a little over the top and unnecessary while reading, but the small step has a long-lasting effect on your psyche.

And to give you a kickstart, here are some amazing affirmations that could help you get motivated.

  • The opportunities that today hold fascinate me.
  • I am accomplishing my mission in life.
  • I’ll use today wisely and productively to achieve my objectives.
  • I’ll be present here for every single thing.
  • Today offers me the chance to develop, learn, and become a better version of myself.
  • I am working to continually get better.

Bottom Line

Getting inspired or seeking inspiration for the same old job may not be as easy. Exhaustion due to the same lifestyle and impending work pressure is absolute and needs to be acknowledged. 

But, at the same time, addressing this actual case of burnout necessitates lengthier, more deliberate changes. It is an everyday responsibility of a person and needs to be done swiftly. 

So, do not be hesitant to examine your feelings and consider what might be done to help. Kindness is your best weapon, along with patience, and you will get there sooner than you think. Just keep hustling in a right and way healthier direction.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I feel demotivated to work? 

Feeling demotivated is a valid state of mind. But, at the same time, there are many ways to get your motivation back. Take a step back, start with the basic step of doing one thing at a time and you will be recharged in no time.

What to do when I am feeling stuck at work? 

Start looking for diversions from the mundane task you’ve been doing. Channelize your creativity and energy there first. After a while, go back to the work you were stuck on. You will notice a significant change.

How do you motivate a demoralized team? 

A demotivated team is a product of hustle culture. Try to detoxify that. For this, there are many team-building exercises, recreational activities, and tokens of positive affirmations. A little effort if done collectively goes a long way. Remember that. 

How do you deal with demotivated employees?  

As a leader or a person in charge, it is important to acknowledge the mental exhaustion of the employees. If the workforce feels demotivated, you have to take appropriate steps to keep their morals high. You can also help regarding sabbaticals, less workload, and a relaxed work environment.

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