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5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs To Be PoSH Compliant

Before we reflect on the importance, it’s crucial to understand what is a “PoSH” act?

 The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013 is also known as the “PoSH” act. This legislative act got the assent of the President on 23rd April 2013 after it superseded the Vishaka Guidelines introduced by the Supreme Court Of India. The object of passing this act was to eradicate workplace sexual harassment and to provide women with a safe environment to foster economic growth and gender equality.

Here are 5 reasons why your company needs the “PoSH” act:

1. It’s The NEED Of The Hour

The harsh reality is 69% of women have never registered a compliant against facing sexual harassment at work. If that’s not alarming then we’re definitely going in the wrong direction. Every company needs to be PoSH compliant in order to provide women with a safe environment to work.

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2. To Promote A Gender-Sensitive Workplace

It’s very crucial for a company to foster a workplace that promotes gender sensitivity. It starts with eliminating all factors which contribute towards creating an unfriendly environment for women. Companies that are PoSh compliant have an upper hand at retaining talented women workforce.

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3. Higher Productivity Among Employees

A company’s work culture and environment directly impacts every employee’s productivity. The decrease in productivity eventually leads to job dissatisfaction. Hence, a work culture that takes the safety of women seriously will surely keep their employees at ease so they can focus on their work better.

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4. Attract The Best Talent

Any woman would prefer joining a company which is 100% PoSH compliant over the one which doesn’t safeguard women at workplace. It’s a great way to attract and recruit  skilled female candidates and set an example of being a “safe” workplace for women.

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5. Creating Awareness Amongst Every Member Of The Company

The safety of your employees in your hands, it’s never too late to create awareness so provide a PoSH Training Program to your employees of all levels. These training sessions help them to understand, prevent and take action against any such atrocity. Ensure that these sessions are regularly monitored and reviewed.

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