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How Headsup Corporation has Helped Ideas Grow to Full-Fledged Businesses

It is said that an idea can change everything. At Headsup Corporation, we believe that to bring a tangible change with your idea, you need a proper strategy implementation. Here’s how the digital marketing and HR consulting agency boosted the growth of two start-ups from scratch and brought them to benefit from each other.


NPLC (Nishant Prakash Law Classes) is a brand that focuses on the guidance and training of students for national and international competition law entrance exams.

Founded by an ace legal professional, Nishant Prakash, NPLC gained both recognition and recommendation through Headsup Corporation’s deft and cumulative marketing strategy.

From logo creation, tailor-made website development and social media marketing, Headsup had taken full responsibility in creating a significant audience for NPLC.

Social media campaigns around legal facts, daily posts highlighting its USPs, interactive polls and students’ testimonials helped to pique the audience’s interests and curiosity.

With daily classes and multiple sessions going on from morning till evening, NPLC now boasts of more than 50 students.


Catering to the increasing trend of flexible co-working culture, AltSpace is a unique platform that aims to provide for both hosts and seekers of workstations.

As a digital marketing and HR consulting agency, Headsup Corporation has not only contributed its dedicated services in the website development and logo creation of AltSpace but also developed its iOS and Android compatible app via dexterous tech support and built a complete team of talented professionals.

Understanding its USPs of the various workspaces offered, the agency identified its target audience and formulated a successful social media strategy.

While weekly campaigns around work culture and professionals attracted scads of audience engagement, ads including attractive and customized workspace photo shoot brought in prospective leads.

Headsup has not only boosted AltSpace’s growth but became the brand’s launch pad. Currently, AltSpace has a listing of 100+ coworking spaces on its website.

Forging B2B Business between the Two      

For both NPLC and AltSpace, Headsup Corporation went beyond its role of being a digital marketing and HR consulting agency. The organization became the incubator for both brands and even granted seed capital to AltSpace for its establishment and development.

Apart from social media marketing, NPLC’s student enrollments skyrocketed when Headsup helped it to find a well-furnished training room at AltSpace.

This not only created a B2B communication between two businesses but also led to revenue generation and profit for both.

Headsup became the mastermind for AltSpace’s business strategies. Along with its online promotion, it also assisted the co-working brand to do offline marketing with the creation and distribution of flyers and brochures.

From identifying prime locations to collaboration strategies and production of attractive stationeries, Headsup has taken complete responsibility to uplift the brand.

In a journey to improve and bring different brands to the limelight, Headsup Corporation understands individual business needs and creates opportunities for each.

How Headsup Corporation has helped ideas grow to full-fledged businesses.

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